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Destroy autocreated battleships with your laser cannon.
Launched: noviembre
  • Windows
Developer:ABA Games
Players: Single-player
  • English




How to play.

 - Movement  Arrow key / Joystick
 - Laser     [Z]       / Trigger 1, Trigger 4
 - Special   [X]       / Trigger 2, Trigger 3
 - Pause     [P]
Select the stage by a keyboard or a joystick. Press a laser key to start the game. You can also select the game mode from 4 types. Press a special key to change the game mode. . Normal mode This is the standard game mode. Your ship becomes slow while holding the laser key. - Special -> Bomb The bomb wipes enemyies bullets. The number of bombs are displayed at the right-down corner. . PSY mode As your ship grazes a bullet, the graze meter(displayed at the right-down corner) increases. When the graze meter becomes full, the ship becomes invincible for a while. - Special -> Rolling This movement widen the range that the ship can graze. While holding this key, the ship becomes slow. If you want to move faster, tap this key. . IKA mode Your ship has two attributes, white and black. All bullets also have these attributes, and your ship can absorb bullets that has the same attribute. Absorbed bullets are changed into lasers automatically. - Special -> Attribution change Change your ships attribute. . GW mode Your ship can use the reflector. The reflector reflects bullets around your ship. - Special -> Reflector To use the reflector, you have to hold this key until the reflector meter(displayed at the right-down corner) becomes empty. You can use the reflector only if the reflector meter displays 'OK'. Control your ship and avoid the barrage. Use the laser to destroy the battleship of the enemy. You can cause more damage if you fire the laser close to the enemy. When all ships are destroyed, the game is over. The ship extends 200,000 and every 500,000 points. These options are available:
 -lowres        Use the low resolution mode.
 -nosound       Stop the sound.
 -window        Launch the game in the window, not use the full-screen.
 -reverse       Reverse the laser key and the bomb key.
kawa 7 years

System requirements:

OS: Microsoft® Windows® 98 / 2000 / XP / 7 (OpenGL)

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