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Viriax is a medical terror arcade game, with changing levels especially designed for short and intense plays.
Launched: marzo
  • Windows
Players: Single-player
  • English




Retro visuals and music, simple controls and procedural generated levels can turn this little game into something adictive, plus when it comes to challenge yourself with a score system that consists in the sum of your best score in each level. Be part of the Viriax infection and show humans who set the rules in the Earth. Infect important organs one by one, and destroy the ultimate defensive hope of humanity, the Nanobot Assembly System, implemented as a chip near the brain. Reach the organ core to infect it, but watch your energy level: each time you move up or attack you will lose part of your energy, as also you will lose a bunch of energy if you get hit by an enemy cell. Collect red globules to keep your energy full and think when it's a good moment to stop and make some points. The OST is composed again by the genius Gryzor87, but this time he used exclusively PXTone to create those sick chiptune tracks.
kawa 7 years

System requirements:

OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7

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