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L'Abbaye des Morts cover
An obsolete videogame for a dark passage of history.
Kaiten Patissier! cover
The little Pipi love childrens, that's why she go from town to town making candys for them.
Green Island cover
In Green Island, a magnificent tree, know as the "Season Tree", controls the flow of seasons but, something is wrong with the tree..
The new Satan Sam cover
Sam has awoken into a strange land, his last memory being an attack on his village.
Zep's Dreamland cover
An addicting puzzle game where you control the cute little character, Zep, through his dreamland. Build magical blocks to help you reach each dream's exit!
Dash and the Stolen Treasure cover
Dash is a pirate, but he's afraid of water, and now someone stolen his treasure...
Sugar Cube cover
糖的多维数据集进行转义,以免被一个 cookie 的命运厂 !
Ninja Senki cover
Kinuhime was killed by a ninja demon. Now, Hayate has become absessed with revenge! But can revenge bring her back?
Mechanic Infantry cover
Mechanic Infantry is a 2D old school platformer. Rescue your teammates and escape from giant mechanical monsters in an epic journey through 5 worlds (50 levels).
Climb to the Top of the Castle! cover
A 2D Action/Platformer where you must save the Princess from the evil Warlock and his mechanical army by jumping and slashing your way to the top!


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